Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life Untangled

College, everything in a nutshell - interesting, fun, cold, challenging, new, adapt, good food, funny, understanding, winter in summer, hilarious, friendly, international, technological, different, very different, assignments, 70% internal, 30% external, I look gangster on my student ID, cool lecturers, fun lecturers, lecturers that will make you understand, crowded toilets, life applications...

... and because I'm in college, my survival backpack applies everyday, which includes
class necessities of tons of papers filed up, very little books and writing tools,
iPhone, wallet, keys, Swiss multi tool, tissue, extra cash slit in between compartments of my backpack, earphones, a random John Green book, a sweater and extra change of shirt.

Some of the above isn't even required in college - I am highly aware of that. Weighing me down figuratively? Not at all, it's like carrying a MacBook, nothing heavier. Then again, why am I carrying all of the above if some's not even needed? It never pays to be prepared, keeping in mind what I've learnt from backpacking trips, even since it doesn't even weigh me down at all, I can even run around with my backpack behind me!

Why are you even writing this?
I'm not sure

Conclusively, I need a Grid-It! Organiser.

(Howie, you are one random penguin)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Sketch of a Sketch that's Random - 030111

Dark skies outside, too bad for those in school tho - I'm home, comfortably snugged under my blanket sketching this post after much travelling during the past year. Sketching, thats the word. College starts on the 19th, a mere 16 days to go. I'm pretty much looking forward to it, regardless of what people are complaining about.

That being said, it pretty much came to my attention that what I did last year pretty much exceeded my expectations, only because I was going by the flow. A quick retrace of footsteps -

In January I started school year as a fifth former (which many of the fourth formers last year are starting off today - good luck!). A huge slab of poop got thrown at me, namely SPM, figuratively weighing me down. Sport house spirits were high in the air, never have I thought would I ever get involve in marching, let alone co-lead one - that was a month later, even successfully grabbing pole position. March had some of us begin preps for the year's performance schedule, bringing about a cappella which later lost track.

Oh have many of us been looking forward to April - PRS Camp and the 3k run. 3k! Not 5k, despite what's being exaggerated by the school. Success and success. School's carnival and Teacher's Day performance on May. Fast forwarding to July, where being typical us, hastily prepared for both the school's and TTDI's IU Day. August being orchestral history, and I'm not going to elaborate - of those who were there to experience it, certainly brought the house down.

Blablabla, more rock climbing in September, when everything came to a halt in October, how that slab of poop was getting heavier by the second. As if I was being shat on every minute, pulling all nighters, reading subjects I may never even touch again. Pooping in November went by with a snap of a finger - remembering how before, I would use to always whine and dread about that very day I would be sitting on a toilet bowl, that 3 weeks of writing and thinking and writing and counting and more writing.

It's December already? Orchestral highlight season, travelling season. More importantly the travelling, which brought me to Singapore and Japan for a rough 2 weeks entering 3, and finally purchasing John Green's new book, Paper Towns, not exactly new, but what I've been searching for, for some time now.

I'm certainly not gonna miss the school uniforms, neither would I miss the early morning alarms. Especially since mine's cursed without a snooze button. Who and what I will tho, are the people who I won't be seeing in the near future, and the bond that had tied us closer to one another, regardless of who we were.

It's raining outside now, which means the air being more humid, rendering breathing to be deeper during jogs later.

By the way, I'm really hungry right now...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

And again...

If you wanna stalk me, know more about me, know where I am, stalk me, cure your boredom, see how's it like for a person who understands nothing in Japanese except basic tenses to backpack in Tokyo, Japan.

My flight leaves no later than 09:45 from Changi Airport. SQ12 for you airline code geeks, which intends to fly to LA, stopping over Narita Airport, Japan.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tokyo Travelogue 2010

I'm back to my yearly travelogue @ . Tho next year, it might just be twice a year actively.

I'd be covering Tokyo, Japan this year. That is, Kuala Lumpur > Singapore > Tokyo > Singapore > Kuala Lumpur. There's an additional itinerary in between that is not mention, it's not part of the trip, just a detour and you'd have no interest in it whatsoever.

The travelogue is routinely updated all year round, only that during travelling season would it be updated more frequently. Link it up and enjoy!

Ps: There are couple more NZ Backpacking videos yet to be posted. As the saying goes, "after SPM" (grunts). Not to shabby, a mere 3 more days.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Probably how it works for me.

I'm always struck down with stuff I have to memorise, willing sake or otherwise. One way or the other I still have to get it done, or I'm done with.

Taking music for example, relatively simple for me to memorise a piece after reading through or listening to it for 3 - 4 time for the gist of it. Bombarding the toilet when I'd have to remember a whole passage of a speech or public speaking for presentation. Then the Nagasaki Little Boy when I'd have to remember something word for word. I'm just not used to not having a space for free improvisation and interpretation like a music piece.

Speaking of which, Moral Studies require me to remember all 36 moral values word for word.

I don't get it, ain't Moral Studies supposed to be something passive? You can't teach moral as a "sit-your-ass-down-and-study" subject. Another Malaysian Education fail moment.

Trials have not yet murdered me completely, partially raped by Additional Mathematics, but I'm still alive. Partially raped, what the heck?

Monday, September 20, 2010

YouTube: Breast Cancer Survivor - Janet Tai

Janet Tai is probably one of the many inspirational breast cancer survivors who have lived and shared their experiences of their journey in defeating cancer.

This is a short I've put together with requests from the Interact Club of Seri Hartamas for their succesful IU Day on the 31st of July, 2010.

I've probably remembered half if not all of whatever that has been said by Janet, this turning out being quite the video I was hoping it would be.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Venicia, Bangsar Puteri Cafeteria

I was home alone yesterday and I got tired of cooking Mee Goreng for myself, which was the only food stock I had at that time.

I've been hearing people talking about it - on how good the food tastes, or suck. Kinda figured that the only way I'd really find out is to actually try it for myself. So, since that was the case and Bangsar Puteri was just merely a 5 minutes walk away from my house, why not?

Condominium restaurants or cafeterias don't usually get much of the hype as to general shop lot restaurants do. Afterall, the sole purpose was to cater for the people living in the condo itself. It is tad troublesome when a condominium has no cafeteria in service yet. Just like the place I live at, which restaurant/cafeteria owners get chased away by one black sheep of the community on and off.

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Venicia is no different. When it comes to condominium restaurants, the word doesn't get out fast about the quality of the food. Only by this crawling pace. Ought so, I only knew about it this year. They cater sort of this mix of western and chinese cuisine, Western Chinese if I may.

You even have an option to dine by the poolside (outdoors, by far obvious) if the air conditioning indoors isn't your preferred choice of dining, but it isn't as beautiful as a hotel's poolside bar. We're talking about a 20+ old condominium here.

Anyway, my meal of choice? Butter prawns, Cabbage and Yang Zhou fried rice with a price of less than rm25 all together.

Many of you might remember Mr. Allan who once ran the restaurant at Tivoli Villas condo. The food at Venicia's pretty much similar to his style, except, with no doubt, Allan's food still owns the roundtable debate.

+     The food probably had me craving for more, I highly recommend the buttered prawns.

=     You would probably find few other restaurants that serve better food somewhere in town, but probably none from the vicinity of Bangsar and Damansara.

-     Just like any other condominium restaurants for non-residents, you'd have to register yourself at the guard house, but it isn't as cumbersome as you might think at Bangsar Puteri.

$     Probably a bit more expensive than restaurants you might find outside, but it's the residential area of Bangsar and you can't expect anything to be dirt cheap.